Letters to the Editor

Faddis letter: Republicans

If we want to get things in this country turned around and headed towards progress, we need to get rid of a lot of Republican politicians.

Due to their refusal to accept the funds that we have paid to the federal government to expand Medicaid, the state Legislature is responsible for preventing about 78,000 people from getting health care. This results in more ill people and more deaths.

They also prefer to cut taxes for the wealthy instead of adequately funding schools.

The entire Middle East mess and the hundreds of thousands of deaths and mutilations, along with the creation of ISIS, can be credited to Bush II and his gang going after Iraq’s oil.

Almost all of the national debt can be credited to Reagan and the two Bushes, and their tax cuts to the wealthy while they expanded spending. Obama’s leadership has greatly decreased the annual debt left by Bush, but further decreases are not practical without restoring the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, which Republicans will not allow.

If Idaho re-elects the same Republicans that are responsible for creating our problems, things can only get worse.

Leo Faddis, Kuna