Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Democrats and the truth

What is it with the Democrats that they cannot use the truth as a basis for attack?


(1) Trump and Republicans are anti-immigration. Completely false. They are pro-immigration, but want it to conform to established law passed by both parties.

(2) The right denies climate change. In reality the left cannot find even one person who claims the climate does not change.

(3) It is racist to enforce border security laws. This is silly as every president before Obama endorsed this, including Bill Clinton, who said: “After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders.”

(4) Voter ID is racist. That is warped thinking and would also mean that Hillary and Obama are racists for requiring ID to attend their events.

(5) The right preaches the politics of fear. All the fears of the right are minuscule compared to the unreasonable fear of Trump by the left. They have an unfounded fear of any possible Republican president.

(6) The right hates the poor. This is outrageously false. They want to use common sense and cease enabling the poor while helping those truly in need.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise