Letters to the Editor

Schnerr letter: Presidential race

The largest single American political identity is independents at 42 percent.

Yet, the two most polarizing presidential candidates in history are about to take the podiums at the presidential debates. Is this the only choice we have? No. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will appear on the Libertarian ticket in all 50 states in November, both former two-term Republican governors of heavily Democratic states. Johnson never raised taxes, increased education spending and left his state with a surplus. Both are socially tolerant and inclusive while being fiscally conservative. Statesman editorial board: Consider endorsing the Johnson/Weld ticket (as have editorial boards in New Hampshire, Winston-Salem, N.C., and Richmond, Va.) and:

1. Give this ticket more coverage. Gary Johnson is currently polling near 20 percent in Idaho, with little to no coverage. He represents the middle of this country, he’s like most of us and those views should get coverage. You have the power to cover him and these policy positions.

2. Call on the Committee for Presidential Debates (conveniently run by Republicans and Democrats) to include Gary Johnson in the debates as editorial boards from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal have.


Joe Schnerr, Boise