Letters to the Editor

Woodard letter: Day of remembrance

Sept. 11 was a day of remembrance of those tragic events 15 years ago. For over 2,000 people who attended Ten Mile Christian Church in Meridian, it was a somber day to hear the father of the Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, who rallied the passengers to retake control of the airplane before it hit our nation’s Capitol. David Beamer said this was the worst day of his life, but the fact that his son was a Christian helped him through the emotions of that day. He also commented on the differences in our country in the past 15 years where courts, political leaders and many people have chosen to ignore the clear message of God that is found in the Bible. This downward trend in morals bothers David Beamer. So for those who heard his talk and heard him sing of God’s love for America, it was a reminder to once again repeat those famous words of his son, “Let’s roll.”

Larry L. Woodard, Meridian