Letters to the Editor

McOmber letter: Personal responsibility

It is high time that the subject of personal responsibility becomes a higher focus for all of us, including the mainstream media and our good government officials. While the focus of late has been on people considered “most vulnerable,” “less fortunate,” “disenfranchised,” “downtrodden,” etc., we seem to ignore the fact that so many of them made decisions that led to their current plight. When people decide to have children, shouldn’t they have a responsibility to have the means to support the children? And not rely on the government (taxpayers) to provide food stamps (ADC), free meals at school and free day care? When the teenager decides to drop out of school, shouldn’t he/she know that a minimum wage job, if a job at all, looms likely in the future? Of course, there is always welfare. Few of us quarrel with helping the truly needy, for a limited time; but it’s good to remember “you need to sleep in the bed that you made.” People need to be responsible for the results of their decisions.

Mac McOmber, Eagle