Letters to the Editor

Civiello letter: Deplorable

Just as my psyche was coming to terms with reality (whatever that means), it was brought to my attention this past weekend that I might be a “deplorable” person. I immediately demanded an emergency session with my psychiatrist to help figure out how I had become a dirtbag in the mound of life. My gluten-free, vegan, free-range, non-GMO, full-body tattooed psychiatrist told me that off the cuff remarks reveal the person’s real thoughts. “That’s good,” I responded, because now I knew that other people have stupid, witless, homophobic, racist, senseless, unkind and misanthropic thoughts toward others no matter what they claim. I’m kind of feeling whole again just thinking that perhaps by mid-November my dog will let me go for a walk with it.

Michael Civiello, Boise