Letters to the Editor

Raganit letter: Highway trash

Went to pick up my daughter and boyfriend at the Boise Airport from Arizona. He was excited about seeing the sites of Idaho and going fishing on some lakes.

I sure was disappointed to see the condition of our freeway to the airport. Trash was all the way from Caldwell to Boise. Grass or cheat grass was turned brown and was ugly. No attempt to clean or even make an effort. Potholes were getting worse and, of course, we just patch them. Idaho wants people to enjoy it but when they come to Boise our state Capitol, they see what our state leaders seem to ignore.

I have lived here since 1952 and conditions are not getting any better. Elections bring out promises and when done they go back into their cave and hope everything goes away. I can see why we are at the bottom of the list nationwide on a lot of issues that are important to maintain a business or even just go out and enjoy our state. Be aware of promises and call your local representative and alert them to 20 years of neglect to our citizens.

Larry Raganit, Caldwell