Letters to the Editor

Wechsler letter: Highlands Cove

Is Highlands Cove the next Terra Nativa? I have read with interest the recent articles chronicling the disaster that has resulted from poor planning at the Terra Nativa development. It appears that many balls were dropped by multiple parties, leaving unsuspecting homeowners in the lurch as their homes slide down hill. Looking at the Highlands Cove development from afar, I cannot help but wonder if history is about to repeat itself. The land currently being developed as Highlands Cove has several large crevasses that are about to be paved over but look like remnants of past landslides. The rules and laws governing Foothills development have not changed much since Terra Nativa was conceived. Thus future homeowners in the Highlands Cove development will have to rely on the goodwill of the developer and hope that a greater degree of diligence is applied to Highlands Cove in the rush to development.

Robert Wechsler, Boise