Letters to the Editor

Park letter: Pessimistic Idaho

Bill Dentzer quotes professor of political economy at The College of Idaho, Jasper LiCalzi, as follows: “Nobody in the state likes Hillary Clinton, not even the Democrats.” He goes on to quote LiCalzi, “and when push comes to shove, they dislike Hillary more than they dislike Trump.” I am astonished that Dentzer would rely so completely on such a quote for his story.

And it’s not accurate. I’m a good Democrat in Idaho, and I admire and respect Hillary Clinton and I will be voting for her. She will be a fine president as opposed to Trump, a lightweight who among other glaring deficiencies too numerous to mention here,spreads falsehoods at the drop of the hat and professes love and admiration for Russian leader Putin.

As a professor at a fine school such as The College of Idaho, LiCalzi should know better than to engage in these freewheeling quotes, and he certainly doesn’t speak for me.

Lonnie Park, Boise