Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: VP press conference

When I read Robert Ehlert’s Sept. 4 piece asserting that VP picks do us all a disservice by not holding press conferences while in Idaho, I became puzzled. It makes me wonder if he’s just funning us or doesn’t comprehend election year campaign dynamics. Assuming his comments weren’t made tongue-in-cheek, Ehlert apparently fails to appreciate the fact that Idaho is not a battleground state. As such it makes little sense for candidates to campaign here. What does make sense, on the other hand, is candidates holding fundraisers to build war chests for use in getting out the message in states that are truly battleground.

Ehlert’s effort to compare Roosevelt’s 1937 nonelection year visit with those of 2016 election year candidates is also puzzling. There simply are no similarities, either temporal or cyclical. Finally, if gaining access to candidates is truly important, why was Ehlert not the one to get the seven-minute tarmac interview? Where was he? Very puzzling.

Craig Miller, Star