Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: National Park prices

On the Opinion page, Sept. 9, we read a statement purporting a family of four could visit “a national park for $30,” “less than they’d pay to go to a movie.” (Suggesting substantial increases/rule changes.)

This is very skewed at best. Sure, they could get in the gate, but for-profit “vendors” (usually family businesses chosen years ago and passed down, like lodges, restaurants, campgrounds) can and generally do inflate that $30 into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We have volunteered in a national scenic area, donated much money and been up close to this kind of thinking. Each time we visit a national park we buy a membership. Also, tax dollars support this and have built infrastructure. Volunteers maintain trails, print maps, staff several sites and are interpretative guides.

Please stop. The public funds so much that vendors profit from such as sports teams with no discount ever to the very taxpayers who helped to fund these ventures. It is time the taxpayer sees a return on all the money they are so happy to “donate” at tax time.

Quit raising the price. Young families struggle financially to get away and see nature. It’s so important emotionally and educationally.

Max D. Brown, Eagle