Letters to the Editor

Poublon-Ramirez letter: Health care

As the debate continues over health care delivery, I would hope government officials would study the success of Kaiser Permanente. It is able to offer more affordable plans than any other private insurer, and in my experience, delivers a far better quality of care. You have access to nurses on call 24/7, you can email your doctor for all nonemergency issues and get a response within 24 hours, and if your doctor is not available, you can see anyone who is. All your medical information is on computer and accessible to all Kaiser doctors in every state they are located. I just moved to Idaho. I have to pay $300 more per month for Blue Cross, and have to wait six weeks to see a doctor. My grandson is on Medicaid and is still waiting for his 2-year-old shots four months later because the health department is too busy to schedule him. Kaiser has shot clinics where you just walk in and get your shots, no appointment needed. Why is Kaiser able to do this and no other health care providers?

Lori Poublon-Ramirez, Meridian