Letters to the Editor

Bastian letter: Society

“For every thousand people hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one chopping at the roots.” Too often leaders hack at the leaves of America’s problems and ignore their root causes. When the headwaters are polluted, it takes enormous money, time and effort downstream to correct the problem.

Most crime, illiteracy and poverty (leaves of evil) can be traced to the breakdown of the home (root of evil). Children without both a mom and dad are at a serious disadvantage in school, social circles and future success.

Society must address the growing erosion of marriage, as sticky and uncomfortable as it is, because it is the root of most of our social ills. Children of highly educated parents have always had advantages when it comes to education and future employment. Absent this, Brookings Institution found children in lower-income settings and single-parent families face great obstacles to their success, future employment and upward mobility.

Education reform will be largely irrelevant if we do not consider ways to address the marriage and educational gap associated with poverty, crime and illiteracy.

Poor soil yields a poor harvest, even when the seed is good.

Morris Bastian, Boise