Letters to the Editor

Falk letter: Donald Trump

Regarding the Sept. 4 letter written by Mike Bradbury. He is correct. “See an oncologist, not a barber” and “Water pipes jammed? Call a plumber.” But ... he will vote for someone who “knows more than the generals about ISIS.” Who can make a prognosis of the other candidate’s health by watching her on TV? Knows how to stop the killings in our large cites but not tell us how. Can “sarcastically”solve the gun problem by letting the Second Amendment people do it. Bradbury is forgetting that President Bush received a much better economic picture when he got into office than when he left (some of the reason for the increase in national debt). Lastly, it was a Republican who decided not to prosecute Clinton on the emails, so does Bradbury really think he would not have if there was a chance to take her to court like they are taking Trump to court on his university stuff? Name some cases of voter fraud. Would he really want his kids and grandkids to grow up to be a Donald Trump?

Dennis G. Falk, Boise