Letters to the Editor

Dietzler letter: Presidential race

In response to Keith Hull’s letter to the editor on Aug. 17, my comment is, “Bravo, Keith I couldn’t have said it better.” There is a reason that Republicans like me are thinking twice about who they plan to vote for this year. The polls are showing that the Republicans that are looking elsewhere to cast their vote are highly educated men and women and they have listened to their nominee waiting for him to give his plan in detail but that has not happened. Why is that?

Donald Trump does not understand that he can not solve the problems alone. We have spent 7-1/2 years with the House, Senate and president arguing and in deadlock most of the time. It is time we have a president that can work across the aisles and with other countries, and that cannot be Donald Trump and his “it’s my way or the highway” attitude.

There is a reason that there are both Republicans and Democrats. So there will be checks and balances. We do have more than one choice this year. Voting for the Republican Party might be the wrong choice. Vote for the best person.

Judie Dietzler, Meridian