Letters to the Editor

Westlake letter: Twin Falls case

Did I miss something? According to a Twin Falls opinion letter Aug. 4 in Statesman, if anyone questions or simply wants the facts behind the Fawnbrook Apartment incident, we are provoking hatred toward the families of three boys being investigated in relation to an incident with a 5-year-old girl. Perhaps these “artificially created fears” about refugees would be alleviated by just providing the public with the facts. Are you protecting the boys or the victim with your secrecy? Clearly the city council has not been transparent with the public and resulting in the public’s “inappropriate statements.” Tell me, is it appropriate to feel sorry for the boys and their families and not the actual, defenseless little girl? Who is responsible and who will be held accountable for abusing this child? I can assure you, my son would not be “playing outside” anytime soon and most likely we would all be seeking psychiatric care for him and the family. Who does this in any decent society and who will speak for this child? Truly you must think highly of yourself and fellow legislators — this is not about you.

Cori Westlake, Nampa