Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: No to Hillary

If you like deciding how you live your life, be careful who you vote for. If you enjoy buying what you want with the money you earn and doing what you like, be careful who you vote for. Being told you aren’t “allowed” to choose not to buy insurance is just the beginning. (What kind of free country is that?)

How great is that insurance, anyway, that they make you buy? Did you know, if “Hillary-care” had passed in the ’90s, doctors would have been fined and jailed for practicing privately. How’s that for keeping the doctor you like?

If you like riding your four-wheeler without being fined for “endangering” the flying flea, be careful who you vote for.

If you have anything, anything at all, Hillary will do her best to take it from you and promise it to people who’ll vote for her.

Be careful what you vote for; you might get it.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell