Letters to the Editor

Reed letter: Interstate litter

I live in Caldwell, so we drive Interstate 84 frequently. I cannot believe that we have let the trash on the roadside build up to so great an extent. Does everyone come to Canyon County to throw trash out the car or truck window? Just one good reason to outlaw plastic bags in the state.

Of course, plastic isn’t the only offensive item decorating the roadside. Pieces of tires, coolers, hunks of metal, cans and bottles all join in the mix. We should be ashamed that people from all over the country drive on the interstate. Speaking of which, when it drops to two lanes west of Nampa, it looks and feels like roads I used to drive on in Montana in the 1960s.

If we can’t afford to fix the roads, let’s at least get someone (prisoners?) to pick up the trash. Why have we become so reluctant to keep our “nest” clean? Were we all “raised by wolves,” or do we think it is someone else’s job? Same thing with recycling.

This planet is the only home we have. Let’s not bury it in our own laziness.

Mary Reed, Caldwell