Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Mental health

Why don’t we address mental health and suicides more because 20 vets a day die from suicide and then you have civilians also. But for some reason we don’t fund mental health. Instead we cut programs that benefit mental health. I had a cousin who was a vet and he shot himself and I wonder why we don’t do more to help everybody because too many are falling through the cracks and it’s very sad. Too many think it’s taboo or ashamed to talk about depression and mental health. I am outraged because health care has become a revolving door and that is not helping the problem because it has gotten worse due to PTSD, poverty, homelessness, suicides and the list goes on. It saddens me that we have allowed it to get worse. We are a country that is supposed to help and be compassionate towards those in need of help but instead those who need help have fallen on deaf ears and yet the suicide rate gets higher and more families to grieve. We need to do more and listen to those who have issues instead of waiting till they die.

John Landers, Wilder