Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: Outside the box

Using innovative ideas by “thinking outside the box,” while “staying inside the box” on the important issues such as six-day, and in some places, seven-day delivery, and door-to-door delivery can only help the U.S. Postal Service grow and maintain the customer service the people of America can appreciate.

Postal banking can become a reality in the future helping many than cannot normally get banking services. Rural areas, like Idaho, would benefit from voting by mail, which has been “tried and true” in Oregon. Many veterans can find employment through the Postal Service which currently receives no tax dollars to operate. Even the U.S. Mint could sell certain coins in Postal Service lobbies, which would be a “win-win” situation for both agencies. Many ideas could be used to promote the USPS in a positive way so that we can serve you better for the best possible price.

So when you support the USPS, you support America by binding this great country by using the mail.

Letter carriers are committed to bring you the mail in almost any kind of weather.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

John Paige, president, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers, Pocatello