Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Clintons

Any reason Clinton was not under oath when interviewed by the FBI? Any reason why Hillary was not charged with perjury for lying under oath to Congress?

The Clintons have made a mockery of politics and continue their rampage on the Constitution.

A potential felon is running for office. The Clinton tax return donated $1 million to crooked charity scam they impudently operate.

Had the Clinton machine been serious, why didn’t they donate the million to U.S. Refugee Relief to help poor, impoverished souls, to Special Olympics or St. Jude for kids? That’s easy. They have no intention but to help themselves by using charity tax loopholes to make money.

The marxist liberal socialist Democrat progressive voters who support the Clintons are as guilty as they are.

Do you vote Democrat? Do you agree with these cons? Do you not see the evil they embrace? If you don’t, you’re lost and can’t find your way.

Dano Savino, Nampa