Letters to the Editor

Kinney letter: Coverage gap

Over the 40 years that we have lived, worked and vacationed in Idaho, our family has met many hard-working but uninsured Idahoans. For the past few years, in spite of recommendations from the Governor’s Health Care Task Force and from some state agencies to create strategies to expand health coverage to 78,000 uninsured, working Idahoans, no state actions have resulted. Not poor enough and not wealthy enough for health coverage, these “gap” Idahoans are only told that they have to “just work a little more” (maybe a third job at minimum wage?). Do some of our state legislators deem these constituents of theirs expendable in this political game? This health coverage issue is not just about human worth, it is also one of economic sense. How much more money is our state going to continue to lose in uncompensated care — an economic reality that negatively affects every Idahoan and every Idaho community. Before we deal with yet another “impasse” on this issue by the current legislative panel, please let them know that we will not stand for it anymore. The panel meets again on Sept. 28. Call 208-334-4851 or ebowen@lso.idaho.gov to voice your opinion on this issue. Thank you.

Mary Lou Kinney, Boise