Letters to the Editor

Dorris letter: Fire propaganda

I am a bit concerned, writing this before I have time to request the full incident records for the Pioneer Fire under FOIA. However, I believe it is critical to speak while the smoke is still in everybody’s lungs.

This newspaper has done a great job promoting the USFS, NIFC, BLM, etc. fire propaganda. A long article about how we have to live with sagebrush and barren hillsides due to increased fuel volatility, rising temperatures, higher winds, etc. The recent “Smoke Waves” article is more of the same.

I happen to be a U.S. citizen who still believes our country can solve problems, and I believe we have a very simple, tried and proven solution available to us. We need to attack and extinguish fires before they grow to 10 acres. We could have washed the Pioneer Fire off the hillside with SEATs from McCall and Boise, and helicopters from McCall, Garden Valley and Boise; probably for less than $10 million. Instead, the fire is over 181,000 acres, and upwards of $70 million. We need to look in a different direction and quit swallowing the last 30 years of fire propaganda.

George W. Dorris, Donnelly