Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Donald Trump

On Nov. 8, a majority of Idaho voters will vote in support of a possible enemy attack on America. By casting their votes for Donald Trump, they will be stating their agreement with Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump stated in 2008 that the Trump businesses were heavily supported with money from Russia. Could this explain Trump’s bromance with Putin? Trump must release all of his tax data so we can see how much Russian (and Chinese) money he has.

Putin has been financing right-wing political groups in Europe in an effort to split the European Union and NATO. Now he may be trying the same thing in America with Trump’s campaign. That would certainly explain the eerie parallels between Trump’s campaign and the European right-wingers, all of whom appeal to the same kind of angry white conservatives who hate immigrants, minorities, non-Christians, gays and women.

What if Trump is Putin’s “Manchurian candidate” to divide and conquer America?

Republican leaders failed to do “extreme vetting” of their presidential candidates before they selected a Fifth Columnist like Donald Trump. Since Republican leaders have failed, it is up to us, the American people, to save America by voting against Putin’s man Donald Trump.

Gary L. Bennett, Emmett