Letters to the Editor

Vieselmeyer letter: NNU professor

My wife and I had the privilege of attending NNC/NNU and found the Statesman two-part article about NNU and Professor Thomas Jay Oord both interesting and disturbing. We believe the issue is all about rights and one wrong.

NNU has the right to hire and keep on staff any professor who will uphold Nazarene Church doctrine, policy, practice and spirit. Every parent sending a student to NNU has the right to believe their child will receive Nazarene teaching. Every professor has the right to teach the Nazarene beliefs, including Oord. We believe Oord was wrong to deviate from and teach anti-Nazarene beliefs. We believe he would have shown much integrity by doing the right thing and stepping down as professor. Oord has the right to believe whatever he wants and even start his own college, but does not have the right to pervert NNU.

We believe NNU holds to a higher standard, which is the reason for its existence. Probably any state or government school would hire Oord.

Curt Vieselmeyer and Roberta Halley-Vieselmeyer, Boise