Letters to the Editor

Ormsby letter: HOAs

While I read the report on HOAs from hell that ran Aug. 3, I am reminded that here in Idaho how true these HOAs are. They have so much power that they can dictate what color your home is, what can or cannot be on your property, even if you can or cannot use the road in front of your home.

I have been on the sideline of a HOA in another county bullying their neighbors. There is a letter of desist order from their bullying — they will not even honor that.

I am all for calling on our state representatives and senators to put some laws into action to limit these HOAs on what they can and cannot do, and place some legislation in our state. HOAs think they can bully, threaten, and yes, even taking their home away from them and that should never be tolerated by our state. They are taking our constitutional rights and say we have none. It is time we stand up and say no more HOAs, no more HOAs period in the state of Idaho.

Gail Ormsby, Boise