Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Immigration

We have heard much about what the USA’s immigration policy should be. I wish to offer up a longer-term proposal to consider. This plan starts with the premise that the USA is a knowledge economy and that being the leader for new technologies and new companies is how we will win in this extremely competitive globalized environment.

We seek to attract the most capable and most educated leaders to come here and start companies. We want to populate those new companies with an educated workforce of American citizens. We would compete hard and fair to lead every industry segment we participate in.

I think we start by striving to retain the numerous foreign students who come to American universities. The U.S. economy is where they will have the greatest freedom and the best shot at success. We welcome all genders, all faiths, all sexual orientations. What we want is educated and motivated talent to stay here and power our economic growth.

I realize that solutions to undocumented immigrants demand our attention right now. I propose that a significant part of our immigration policy should look to the future and position the USA for long-term sustainable success and leadership.

John Lodal, Boise