Letters to the Editor

Bolton letter: Single-payer system

John Boice recently lauded a single-payer health care system in order to save money. Does anyone really believe that having government take over something will result in greater efficiencies and cost savings? Having lived in Europe, I know that single-payer systems result in poorer service. Doctors are paid less and less resulting in them spending less and less time with each patient. To make any money, they must see as many patients as possible. Care will be given by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. I have heard more doctors say that they’ll retire or only take cash rather than do that.

If you think that getting in to see a specialist or being sent for an expensive test or operation is difficult now, just wait. Canadians will often cross the border to see a specialist and have tests and procedures done here instead of waiting forever there. Lives have been saved by them getting results earlier. In Europe, I knew old ladies who died waiting for hip replacement surgery that was approved. The government will let you suffer in pain hoping you’ll die first.

The newest and best drugs won’t be approved, resulting in poorer treatment and fewer new miracle drugs being developed.

Chris Bolton, Meridian