Hey, Idaho, why will Trump or Clinton get your vote?

Trump or Clinton? In whom do we trust here in Idaho?
Trump or Clinton? In whom do we trust here in Idaho?

OK, Idaho, we’re 90-some days out from the 2016 presidential election on Nov. 8. By my estimation we’re at mach something in the political polarization airspace — meaning certain people have stopped speaking to each other because of who they support, and the legions of those who are undecided are still not ready to commit.

So, I have some questions about the two leading candidates who, according to the polls, we really don’t trust:

▪ I would like Trump supporters to tell me why he is their guy. Given every misstep, every pledge, promise and flip-flop, why the Donald? What advice would you offer him to win over the undecided?

▪ I would like Clinton supporters to give me the No. 1 reason why they support her (and “because she is not Trump” is not a good reason). She gets “bumps” from events and conventions and by capitalizing on Trump’s troubles — but why does the gravity of perceived dishonesty keep weighing her down? What should Hillary Clinton do to win over the undecided?

▪ If you are going to vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, write somebody’s name in on your ballot, or sit this one out, please cite some reasons.

▪ And, finally, what do you think the chances are that one of these candidates will show up in Idaho before the election?