We want to hear from you: What should our elected officials do to manage growth?

You live it every day — the clogged streets, the crowded schools, increasing property values and disappearing open spaces. So we’re asking you — what do you think the Treasure Valley and its leaders should do about it?

Idaho Statesman reporter Kate Talerico is exploring solutions to growth in her series, Our Changing Valley. In her reporting, she’s already highlighted several policies that leaders have proposed in the past, such as:

  • An urban growth boundary that would have helped to preserve farmland and open space in the Foothills

  • An ordinance that would have required infrastructure like schools, roads and sewer lines to be in place before cities could approve new development

  • A local government alliance that would have forced the cities to better coordinate their land use plans

We want to hear what you think of these proposals, or what our local elected officials should do. Growth isn’t new — now that we know change is coming, we hope that this will start a dialogue in our community about how to move forward and plan for our community’s future.

You can write in and share your opinion to editorial@idahostatesman.com. You can also follow this link for more guidelines about writing guest opinion pieces.

Our Changing Valley

Many readers have asked: What are Treasure Valley leaders doing to manage our growth? Our Changing Valley is an Idaho Statesman series that seeks to dig into problems that our elected officials face when it comes to handling growth, as well as highlight solutions that could help us ease traffic, protect open spaces and keep the Treasure Valley a great place to live.

Reporter Kate Talerico is exploring the promising policies that could offer solutions to our growing pains. We want to make our readers a part of our coverage. If you have story ideas, tips or questions, reach out to ktalerico@idahostatesman.com.

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