Clark letter: Teacher appreciation

I am the mother of two Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) third-graders. Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May and I’d like to recognize the online teacher that’s made a profound difference for my daughters since they enrolled at IDVA, Mrs. Joan Baillie.

Mrs. Baillie has been their homeroom teacher since kindergarten. When she talks about her students, her passion for education is evident.

Mrs. Baillie has patience and a way of speaking to students that inspires confidence in them. My daughters feel like they can talk to her anytime there is something they don’t understand.

One daughter expects a lot of herself and doesn’t like to get things wrong. Mrs. Baillie made her realize making mistakes is just a part of learning.

The other daughter has poor sight in her right eye, as well as slow “thought-to-action” processing. Mrs. Baillie helped give her the confidence to be proud of her strengths, like being able to read quickly.

Let’s all recognize the teachers that are making a difference for our kids this school year. For my family, that teacher is Mrs. Baillie. For all you do Mrs. Baillie, we are grateful.

Linda Clark, Boise