Bennett letter: Avoiding lawsuits

Jeff Jerome, the former operator of Boise’s Powerhouse Event Center, need not worry about lawsuits. All he has to do to escape any lawsuits is to run for office (preferably president but in a pinch governor or the Idaho Legislature might work).

Look at Trump — he has avoided lawsuits over the phony Trump University and sexual harassment lawsuits by claiming that as president he is “immune.” The media have lost track of the number of Trump bankruptcies and the number of contractors Trump has stiffed. Then there are the illegal immigrants Trump has employed. But Trump seems to have escaped it all and now he has control of the nation’s security apparatus so no one dares challenge him. Jeff Jerome could ensure that there are no more stories about the Powerhouse issue by silencing the press just as Trump is doing by following the path set by Trump’s role model Vladimir Putin.

To ensure election, Jeff Jerome should run as a Republican — or as Trump called them, “the poorly educated.”

Gary L. Bennett, Boise