Treefort fans will want to bring along an umbrella and bundle up, weather service says

Headed to Treefort later this week? If you’re planning to catch the outdoor shows or wander the Alefort tent, you’ll likely want to bring a warm, waterproof coat because rain and chilly temperatures are in the forecast, according to the Boise branch of the National Weather Service.

Meteorologist Dave Groenert said festivalgoers will have to brave on/off rain on Thursday and Friday, ranging from light spring showers to heavier precipitation such as graupel, a soft hail.

“We could see a lightning strike or two on Thursday,” Groenert said.

Watch out for wind on the first days of Treefort, too. According to Groenert, wind speeds will average around 10 to 20 mph, with some gusts on Thursday getting as high as 25 to 30 mph. Those winds, as well as the precipitation, should taper off going into the weekend, but temperatures will also dip below average on Saturday and Sunday.

While Treefort’s rainy weekdays will see a high of 58 degrees, Saturday and Sunday’s high temperatures will be in the upper 40s, Groenert said. That’s about 10 degrees colder than normal for this time of year.

If you’d rather avoid the unpleasant weather altogether, Treefort has plenty of indoor offerings. Along with indoor music venues, you can also check out events like Filmfort, Yogafort and Storyfort that are largely inside. Both Alefort and Foodfort will take place inside large tents. Those trying to avoid trekking between the festival’s various venues in the cold can also catch ValleyRide busses or the Treeline festival shuttle for free.

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