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Idaho GOP congressman wants to censure House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff

Idaho U.S. Rep. Russ Fulcher has joined about 90 of his GOP colleagues in calling for the condemnation and censure of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff due to his actions during the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

Fulcher is a co-sponsor of House Resolution 604, which calls out Schiff, a Democrat from California, for his characterization of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

During a Sept. 26 hearing, Schiff paraphrased Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader, which lead to an outcry from some Republicans.

“(I)nstead of quoting directly from the available transcript, Chairman Schiff manufactured a false retelling of the conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky,” states the resolution. “(T)hese actions of Chairman Schiff misled the American people, bring disrepute upon the House of Representatives, and make a mockery of the impeachment process, one of this chamber’s most solemn constitutional duties.”

So far 91 of the House’s 197 Republicans are officially listed as co-sponsors of the resolution, which is sponsored by Arizona U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs. The resolution, introduced Sept. 27, has been forwarded to the House Committee on Ethics.

“Rep. Fulcher joined this resolution because he agrees with the concerns listed: Chairman Schiff reading a false retelling of the president’s phone call while in a formal committee hearing, misleading the American people, failure to act professionally in his committee and more,” Alexah Rogge, Fulcher’s communications director, told the Statesman.

Fulcher is in his first term representing Idaho’s 1st Congressional District comprising northern and western Idaho.

Idaho’s other congressional representative, Republican Mike Simpson, is not currently named as a co-sponsor of the resolution chastising Schiff.

Simpson will look into the legislation when he returns to his D.C. office next week, said Communications Director Nikki Wallace.

“Congressman Simpson believes that Congressman Schiff has an agenda: to impeach President Trump at all costs,” she said. “He has serious concerns with many of the actions that Congressman Schiff has taken in pursuit of his agenda and believes that he has jeopardized his own credibility in the process, which puts the results of any investigation conducted by him in question.”

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