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Hackers take over Idaho Legislature's website with Italian manifesto

Idaho Legislature's website was hacked. Here's the video that played on their website.

The Idaho Legislature's website was hacked on Friday, May 11 by a group known as Anon +.
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The Idaho Legislature's website was hacked on Friday, May 11 by a group known as Anon +.

The Idaho Legislature's website was hacked at about 11 a.m. Friday by a group called AnonPlus.

The site was compromised for about 10 minutes. The message was written in Italian, and it included a manifesto from the group. When translated to English, the message said no data had been "stolen or canceled" and that "only the homepage had been changed."


"AnonPlus does not act for personal or political interests, has no leaders, moves for the interest of the people and to restore sovereignty to the people," the website read.

The website has since been secured with safeguards, according to Director of Information Security Jeff Weak. No information was compromised in the hack, he said.

"It was an annoyance. There is no data they can gleam," Weak said. "There's no back-end database.”

AnonPlus' origins are somewhat foggy. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2011 that members of the group Anonymous were kicked off of the social media site Google +. In response, they reportedly started AnonPlus as their own social network. It is unclear whether the group that hacked the website is related to the real AnonPlus.

"I haven’t been able to research who they are at this point," Weak said.

The investigation is closed, Weak said, as there is no way to trace the hacking to a user.

No other state legislatures' websites appeared to be hacked at the same time Friday. The Idaho Legislature's website was functional as of 11:30 a.m.