Nampa school levy passes

With all votes counted late Tuesday, the Nampa School District levy drew 56.8 percent approval, more than the simple majority required..

A total of 3,245 voters supported the levy and 2,464 were opposed.

Nampa trustees sought a $7.7 million a year levy for two years, an increase from the previous levy that expires on June 30,.2016.

“This is a significant investment on the part of the community,” said Brian McGourty, Nampa School District board chairman. “I believe it is a vote of confidence.”

Supporters say the additional dollars would restore 10 teaching jobs that were cut as the district weathered financial problems, put the district on a schedule to renew curriculum materials every six years and update antiquated technology. The levy would also keep in place paying for 14 schools days and 25 teachers that were cut when as the district’s finances imploded beginning in 2012.

Trustees sought the additional revenue following an independent audit of the district curriculum that showed schools needs better testing, curriculum management and communication of its curriculum among staff.

“We got this independent view that said, ‘Yeah, you are a train wreck heading downhill in a hurry and your brakes don’t work,’ ” David Peterson, Nampa superintendent, said in early September..

Increasing the levy would raise Nampa District’s property tax rate by $25 per $100,000 of taxable value.

The estimated total tax rate for bonds, supplements and a levy covering legal costs in Nampa would be would be $448 per $100,000 of taxable value.