Boise mayor candidate calls for district-based elections

Boise mayoral challenger Judy Peavey-Derr has made areas such as West Boise, Northwest Boise and the Bench a focal point of her campaign against incumbent David Bieter.

Like many Boiseans, Peavey-Derr says Bieter and the rest of the city government is ignoring those areas and instead focusing on Downtown and neighborhoods like the North End and East End. Wednesday, Peavey-Derr called for a restructuring of city elections to solve that perceived problem.

Instead of elections in which each candidate runs for one of six seats on the council, she proposes dividing the city into geographic zones and then requiring that each zone be represented by a council member who lives there. The idea is to make sure each area of the city has equal representation in city decisions.

People — Bieter included — who oppose district-based elections say it encourages council members to focus on a small area instead of considering the whole city when making decisions.