Idaho election results as of 11:30 p.m.

Congressmen Mike Crapo and Raul Labrador congratulate each other after their acceptance speeches at the GOP post-election party at the Riverside Hotel on Tuesday.
Congressmen Mike Crapo and Raul Labrador congratulate each other after their acceptance speeches at the GOP post-election party at the Riverside Hotel on Tuesday. kjones@idahostatesman.com

U.S. Senate

Ray Writz (C) 6%

Jerry Sturgill (D) 30%

Mike Crapo (R) 64%

U.S. House District 1

James Piotrowski (D) 32%

Raul Labrador (R) 68%

U.S. House District 2

Anthony Tomkins (Con) 7%

Jennifer Martinez (D) 32%

Mike Simpson (R) 61%

Supreme Court

Robyn Brody 56%

Curt McKenzie 44%

Amendment HJR5 (legislative review of agency rules)

No 46%

Yes 54%

State Senate District 8

Kirsten Richardson (Con) 14%

Steven Thayn (R) 86%

State House Seat 8A

Jocelyn Plass (D ) 28%

Terry Gestrin (R) 72%

State House Seat 8B

Ammon Prolife (Con) 11%

Dorothy Moon (R) 89%

State Senate District 9

Carol Bogue (D) 20%

Abby Lee (R) 80%

State House Seat 9A

Rejeana Goolsby (D) 19%

Ryan Kerby (R) 81%

State House Seat 9B

Allen Schmid (D) 27%

Judy Boyle (R) 73%

State Senate District 10

Ydalia Yado (D) 34%

Jim Rice (R) 64%

State House Seat 10A

Jeremy Lopett (D) 36%

Brandon Hixon (R) 64%

State House Seat 10B

Warren Stevens (D) 35%

Greg Chaney (R) 65%

State Senate District 11

Pat Hartwell (D) 21%

Patti Anne Lodge (R) 69%

Gregory Collett (I) 10%

State House Seat 11A

Edward Savala (D) 23%

Scott Syme (R) 77%

State House Seat 11B

Rita Burns (D) 23%

Christy Perry (R) 70%

John Smith (L) 7%

State Senate District 12

Chelle Gluch (D) 30%

Todd Lakey (R) 70%

State House Seat 12A

Maria Mabbutt (D) 33%

Robert Anderst (R) 67%

State House Seat 12B

Shana Tremaine (D) 32%

Rick Youngblood (R) 69%

State Senate District 13

Carl Davis (D) 35%

Jeff Agenbroad (R) 66%

State House Seat 13A

Brent Crane (R) unopposed

State House Seat 13B

Gary Collins (R) uopposed

State Senate District 14

Miranda Gold (D) 30%

Marv Hagedorn (R) 70%

State House Seat 14A

Jane Rohling (D) 30%

Mike Moyle (R) 70%

State House Seat 14B

Glida Bothwell (D) 29%

Gayann DeMordaunt (R) 71%

State Senate District 15

Laura Metzler (D) 45%

Fred Martin (R) 55%

State House Seat 15A

Steve Berch (D) 50%

Lynn Luker (R) 50%

State House Seat 15B

Jake Ellis (D) 45%

Patrick McDonald (R) 55%

State Senate District 16

Grant Burgoyne (D) 57%

Ryan McDonald (R) 43%

State House Seat 16A

John McCrostie (D) 54%

Joel Robinson (R) 46%

State House Seat 16B

Hy Kloc (D) unopposed

State Senate District 17

Maryanne Jordan (D) 63%

Robert Herrin (R) 37%

State House Seat 17A

John Gannon (D) 63%

Kreed Kleinkopf (R) 37%

State House Seat 17B

Sue Chew (D) 63%

Tabby Jolley (R) 37%

State Senate District 18

Janie Ward-Engelking (D) unopposed

State House Seat 18A

Ilana Rubel (D) unopposed

State House Seat 18B

Phylis King (D) unopposed

State Senate District 19

Cherie Buckner-Webb (D) unopposed

State House Seat 19A

Mathew Erpelding (D) 70%

Mark Patten (R) 30%

State House Seat 19B

Melissa Wintrow (D) 68%

Jane McClaran (R) 32%

State Senate District 20

Bill Rutherford (D) 35%

Chuck Winder (R) 65%

State House Seat 20A

Daniel Weston (Con) 22%

Joe Palmer (R) 78%

State House Seat 20B

James Holtzclaw (R) unopposed

State Senate District 21

Cliff Bayer (R) unopposed

State House Seat 21A

Robert Winder (D) 36%

Steven Harris (R) 64%

State House Seat 21B

Cindy Thorngren (D) 35%

Tom Dayley (R) 65%

State Senate District 22

Lori Den Hartog (R) unopposed

State House Seat 22A

John Vander Woude (R) unopposed

State House Seat 22B

Jason Monks (R) unopposed

State Senate District 23

Bert Brackett (R) unopposed

State House Seat 23A

Mary Ann Richards (D) 21%

Christy Zito (R) 79%

State House Seat 23B

Megan Blanksma (R) 78%

Bill Chisholm (I) 17%

Christopher Jenkins (L ) 6%

Ada County Commissioner District 2

TJ Thomson (D) 48%

Rick Visser (R) 52%

Adams County Sheriff

Thomas Watts (I) 36%

Ryan Zollman (R) 64%

Canyon County Sheriff

Kieran Donahue (R) 77%

Robert Muse (Con) 23.%

ACHD Commissioner District 2

Rebecca Arnold 55%

David Eberle 45%

ACHD Commissioner District 5

Sara Baker 46%

Rick Just 19%

Mike Tracy 35%

College of Western Idaho Bond

Yes 59%

No 41%

Requires a two-thirds majority to pass

Meridian Library District Bond

Yes 58%

No 42%

Requires a two-thirds majority to pass

Western Ada Recreation District Aquatics Bond

Yes 50%

No 50%

Requires a two-thirds majority to pass