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This Idaho attraction is our state’s biggest tourist trap, according to the internet

As summer winds down and summertime trips do, too, the folks at Business Insider offered their thoughts on how to make the most of your vacation by avoiding those pesky overpriced, overcrowded and underwhelming attractions known as tourist traps.

But Idahoans likely won’t agree with their pick for our state. Craters of the Moon was rated Idaho’s biggest tourist trap, right up there with Times Square (New York) and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine (Kansas).

The article, published online in BI last week, is actually a reprint from a May article originally in Insider, the lifestyle-focused offshoot of the business publication. Insider’s article defends its distaste for Craters of the Moon by calling the monument misleading.

“While the name evokes a surreal, alien-like landscape, the reality does not quite live up to it,” the article said. “While it is quite pretty, it's only interesting for about 10 minutes. After all, how much time can you spend ogling volcanic rocks?”

Oddly, it’s not the first time Insider has highlighted the Idaho monument. Last November, Craters of the Moon actually made the online publication’s list of Most Iconic Landmarks in Each State.

That article heralded Craters’ “otherworldly landscape” and unique features.

So which is it, Insider?

Here in Idaho, Craters of the Moon seems to garner much more love than hate. In recent years, Idahoans like Gov. Butch Otter have pushed to turn the preserve into a national park, and Rep. Mike Simpson defended the monument to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke when Craters was under review earlier this year.

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