Man in ‘huge puddle of blood’ says door-knocking Washington candidate saved his life

A city council hopeful in Washington state was canvassing for votes over the weekend when he stumbled upon a medical emergency — and helped save a man’s life.

David Regan, who’s running for City Council in Vancouver, was talking to 80-year-old Cora Ann Davis while knocking on doors in the Fairway Village area on Saturday when Regan and Davis heard her husband fall inside the home, KGW reported.

“He had fallen in the bedroom and hit the table,” Davis told the TV station.

Regan wrote in a Facebook post Saturday that he discovered the husband, 90-year-old Bill Davis, “bleeding out in the bedroom.”

“I rushed in, grabbed a cloth and applied pressure while calling 911,” the candidate wrote. “Thank God for our awesome fire department and EMT that responded within 3-5 minutes.”

Vancouver, Washington, city council candidate David Regan was knocking doors when a man at a home he canvassed fell and hit his head. Regan stopped the bleeding and the man’s life was saved. Courtesy of David Regan

Regan said on Facebook that Davis could have bled to death had he not been there to stanch the bleeding.

“There was a huge puddle of blood on the floor and my heart sank,” Regan told KGW. “I thought, ‘We have to stop the bleeding and call 911.’”

Photos Regan posted on Facebook show him posing with the wife, as well as the husband being put in an ambulance on a stretcher.

Bill Davis credited Regan for his quick thinking and first aid.

“That saved my life,” Davis told KGW, adding that doctors put five staples in his head to treat the wound.

Regan suggested he was fated to be there.

“God put me at the right place at the right time,” Regan wrote on Facebook.

Regan, a local bail bondsman, is taking on incumbent Ty Stober for position 5 on the City Council, The Columbian reported.

“There’s a lot of reasons why I want to see this community grow and flourish,” Regan said in a conversation with the newspaper’s editorial board last month, according to The Columbian. “I have a 2 1/2 -year-old son. The decisions we make today are going to affect him.”

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