Handyman on the job gets jarring request: Kill a client’s husband, Arkansas cops say

Police in Arkansas say a woman offered to give her handyman a car, but there was a catch: he had to agree to kill her husband.

A handyman in Greenwood went to police on Thursday after Mary Byers-Diaz tried to convince him to kill her husband for payment, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported. The handyman told police he was “disturbed” by their discussion, according to court documents.

Police sent the handyman back to the home — this time, wired with a recording device — and instructed him to discuss the plan with Byers-Diaz, who was having “marital problems,” the documents said, according to the Democrat Gazette.

During their conversation, Byers-Diaz said she would lure home her husband, Dr. Lawrence Diaz, then call the handyman to talk about a dog, KNWA reported.

They agreed that would be the handyman’s signal to use a stun gun on the woman’s husband, break his neck then place his body in a “simulated car crash,” the Democrat Gazette reported.

They decided the murder would transpire Friday evening or sometime that weekend, the Times Record reported. For this, the handyman would receive a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe and “other property,” court documents say, according to the newspaper.

The Kelley Blue Book value of a 2002 Tahoe in good condition is about $4,400, according to KFSM.

At the end of their conversation, the handyman asked Byers-Diaz if she was certain she wanted to go through with their plan and she assured him she was, according to the newspaper. The handyman then left the home with the signed title to the Tahoe.

Byers-Diaz was arrested and taken to Sebastian County Detention Center, 4029 reported. She’s charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder, and her arraignment is set for Sept. 11.

According to a wedding announcement, Mary L. Byers and Dr. Lawrence D. Diaz were married in May 2016.

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