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Depot might don purple

Picture the depot purple.
Picture the depot purple.

Organized by The Amanda Todd Legacy Society, “Light Up Purple” is an event designed to spread awareness to mental health by lighting up city landmarks, buildings and structures all around the world.

And Michael Lupton wants Boise in on it.

He and other members of Purple Hearts for Mental Health Awareness are requesting that the Boise Train Depot illuminate in purple (whether that be lights or other decorations) on Monday, Oct. 10, in support of World Mental Health Day.

The campaign is designed to not only destigmatize issues around mental illness, but also to support Amanda’s legacy by promoting discussions surrounding mental health, digital safety, cyberbullying and exploitation.

Sign the petition at

Keep in mind that even if you sign the petition, it might be an uphill battle. Mike Journee, spokesman for the mayor’s office, said the city gets requests all the time from all kinds of interest groups that ask for the Boise Depot, as well as Boise City Hall and other landmarks, to be lit different colors.

In the interest of fairness to everyone and a limited number of days in the year, Journee said the city is generally unable to respond to these kinds of requests.

Michelle Jenkins: 208-377-6451