New Nampa charter school focuses on struggling students

Nampa School District has given approval for a new charter school to open in its district in July.

Pathways in Education, a national network of non-profit schools, also has schools in Chicago, Shreveport, Memphis and Phoenix.

Pathways in Education –Nampa Inc., will focus on underserved students, including dropouts or students who struggle to attend school on a regular regular basis because of other responsibilities. Pathways provides year around enrollment.

Pathway schools use a blended teaching model with small group instruction and online coursework.

“We are very excited about partnering with the Nampa School District to get these students on the path toward credit recovery and high school graduation,” said Jill Wells, Pathways’ director of charter development.

Charter schools are taxpayer funded public schools, often built around a specific instruction model. Students in Idaho charter schools must take the same statewide achievement tests as Idaho students in traditional public schools. Teachers must be state certified.