Caldwell officer, trying to serve warrants, shoots dog that lunged

Police said the large dog was aggressive toward two officers at a home on Missoula Way Thursday, running toward one of them and lunging.

The officer backed away and tried to maintain a safe distance, but the dog continued its aggression and the officer shot it, Caldwell police said in a news release. The dog died at the scene.

The officers were at the home in the 1400 block of Missoula to serve arrest warrants about 10:45 a.m. A woman answered the door and told officers the two suspects were inside, then as she stepped away from the door the dog began barking and advancing on the officers, CPD reports.

The subjects of the arrest warrants were taken into custody. Josiah S. Holden, 31, was wanted for failure to appear on an injury to a child case, police said, and Crystal L. Holden was wanted for probation violation.

The investigation is ongoing, and the owner of the dog could be charged with having a vicious animal at large, police said.