Nampa women sent to prison for dealing meth

U.S. District Court in Boise
U.S. District Court in Boise

Elizabeth A Gaytan, 37, was sentenced Thursday to more than eight years in federal prison, while co-defendant Jocelin J. Gonzalez, 19, will spend more than three years locked up.

Gonzalez was traveling with the group’s leader, Stacy D. Wilfong, 39, when the pair were stopped by police in Jackpot, Nev., last August. Officers found 19 grams of a synthetic drug known as bath salts in Wilfong’s vehicle. He also had $10,000 in cash and three firearms.

A search of Gonzalez’s backpack led to the seizure of an ounce of methamphetamine.

Wilfong’s group had already been under surveillance, after an informant notified them in early 2015 that Gaytan was selling methamphetamine. Wilfong, who pleaded guilty last month to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 4.

Gaytan sold meth to undercover police officers on nine occasions and also offered to sell stolen firearms, according to a plea agreement in the case. In total, she supplied the undercover officers with about a half-pound of meth.

During some of the transactions, she brought the undercover officers directly to Wilfong’s house. Officers also collected information from a wiretap on Wilfong’s phone.

In March 2015, Gaytan was stabbed 37 times during a drug-related argument. Less than two months later, after she was released from the hospital, Gaytan called one of the undercover officers and asked if he or she needed any meth.

Eight others were also arrested in connection with the case. Two, Regina Wade, 50, of Boise, Anthony J. Kitchen, 47, of Nampa, pleaded guilty and are scheduled to be sentenced between August and October.

Breeannyn Nicole Pederson, 25, of Parma, and Isela F. Garza, 36, of Nampa, are scheduled to enter guilty pleas next month.

Four other defendants, David A. Wales, 31, of Boise, John M. Caviness, Jr., 34, of Caldwell, Adam W. Dillon, 28, of Nampa, and Jason L. Burgess, 44, of Garden City have pleaded guilty and are scheduled to go to trial Oct. 4.

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