Caldwell man gets 5 to 12 years for cutting relative’s throat

Bruce Costa
Bruce Costa

Bruce W. Costa, 26, of Caldwell may be eligible for parole after five years, according to the sentence handed down by 3rd District Judge George Southworth.

Southworth also ordered Costa to pay $800 in fines and court costs and have no contact with the victim for the duration of the sentence, Canyon County prosecutors said in a news release Tuesday.

Caldwell police arrested Costa in November 2015 after he attacked his brother-in-law with a box cutter during an argument over the use of the victim's vehicle, according to court records. The victim needed 20 staples to close a roughly 6- to 10-inch wound across his neck, ths prosecutor's office reports.

Costa later admitted to the attack, telling police he “did what he thought he had to do,” prosecutors said. Costa also admitted to being drunk at the time of the incident.

“This is a crime where punishment and retribution comes into effect," Judge Southworth told Costa during the sentencing hearing. "You cannot nearly kill somebody, whether it’s done in anger or not, ... and not expect substantial punishment.”