Idaho Fish and Game seeks information about recent elk poaching

Fish and Game is asking the public for information regarding the recent poaching of a bull elk just east of State Highway 21 along the Spring Shores Road north of Boise. The poaching incident occurred in late January or early February.

Citizens Against Poaching is offering a reward for information in the case and callers can remain anonymous. The tip line is available 24 hours a day: 1-800-632-5999.

Fish and Game conservation officer Ben Cadwallader found the badly decomposed bull elk on a ridge top at the head of Mack’s Creek near Arrowrock Dam. The bull had been shot through both shoulders and there was no evidence that the poacher attempted to salvage any of the meat; only the antlers were taken. There is no open hunting season for elk anywhere in Idaho during this time of year.

Officers collected evidence at the scene. Cadwallader hopes to learn more about the case from an eyewitness or others who have knowledge of the poaching incident.

In addition to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline, anyone with information about this case can also contact the Fish and Game Nampa office at 208-465-8465 weekdays and Idaho State Police at 208-846-7550 on weekends.

The agency is also looking for leads on the poaching of a young mule deer over President’s Day weekend. That deer was found in the Boise River Wildlife Management Area across the highway from Lucky Peak Nursery north of Boise. Fish and Game put out word of it last week.