Boise man arrested for check fraud in Oregon

Police in Nyssa, Ore. arrested Kelley Babcock, 22, of Boise on Saturday.

Police say Babcock tried to cash a check fo $850 at LaMarenita Market in Nyssa on Friday. The store did not have enough cash in hand and clerks told him to come back the next day. Clerks were suspicious and called the Nyssa Police Department. Officers there made contact with other local agencies and learned that the Parma Police Department and the Caldwell Police Department have active investigations of Babcock for cashing bad checks at multiple locations.

When Babcock returned to the market, police were waiting to arrest him.

Babcock is also accused of cashing a bad check for $785 at a M&W Market in Nyssa. Nyssa Police say Babcock may have also cashed bad checks in the Ontario, Ore. area. They have contacted the Ontario Police Department.

Babcock is being held in the Malheur County Jail on fraud and theft charges.