Ontario man arrested for threatening to assassinate President Obama

When an Ontario, Ore., man who had written a letter threatening to shoot President Barack Obama removed his GPS tracking device, authorities quickly located and arrested him.

According to the federal arrest warrant issued Friday:

Stephen Gene Smith wrote in an August letter, “I plan to use a 9mm and skip parole and go to D.C. and attempt to take a shot at the President of the Unitated [sic] States of America.”

A U.S. Secret Service agent interviewed Smith about the letter earlier this month while he was in the Malheur County Jail. Smith, who has a lengthy criminal history including felony convictions for robbery and burglary, wrote the letter while in jail.

Smith told the agent when he got out of jail he planned to hitchhike to Washington, D.C., obtain a pistol by burglarizing a house and shoot the President. He also told the agent if he could not “get to Obama” he would shoot any politician he could. Smith said he had previously attempted to stalk judges and other government officials.

On Oct. 23, Smith was released from jail and placed on GPS monitoring. He was not allowed to leave Ontario. A week later, the federal agent was notified Smith had cut off his GPS device and his current whereabouts unknown. An arrest warrant was issued and served.

Details on when and where Smith was arrested or if he had a weapon were not available Friday.

Smith is set to make his initial appearance at 10 a.m. Monday in Boise federal court before Judge Candy W. Dale.