Man arrested in Idaho tried to meet 9-year-old he was ‘attracted’ to. Now he’s charged with stalking

James A. Hust.
James A. Hust. Lewiston Police Department

A Clarkston, Washington, man was arrested on a first-degree felony stalking charge in Lewiston on Tuesday, allegedly entering the home of a 9-year-old girl he had never met but was “attracted to.”

According to Lewiston police, James A. Hust, 33, had seen the girl “in passing” and wanted to meet her and eventually discovered where she lived. Over the weekend, Hust allegedly tried to get in contact with the girl on several occasions and, at one point, entered her home through an unlocked front door. Police received multiple calls of an unwanted/suspicious person over the weekend, a press release said.

Hust told authorities he was worried the girl was being abused and wanted to be her friend and “possibly be a teacher or mentor.” He was arrested Tuesday after an investigation.